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Signalman Master Chief (SMCM) White with Red Stripes Decal

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E-8\E-9 - 4" Wide by 8.25" High

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is White and Gold Stripes:

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is Black and Red Stripes:

Signalman Master Chief (SMCM)(abbreviated as AG) is a United States Navy occupational rating.

Signalman (SM) are responsible for three main methods of communications: Semaphore, Morse code, and flaghoist signaling. Semaphore is a system where each arm can be positioned to point in one of eight directions (similar to the eight main points on a compass); the combination indicates a numeral or letter. Visual Morse code works identically to the original telegraph version but uses flashes of light of varying lengths to replicate dots and dashes. Flaghoist signaling relies on flags of different colors, patterns, and sometimes shapes to indicate numbers and letters.