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Ammunition On load USS Missouri BB-63

       Served in the early 1980's aboard USS Enterprise CVN-65 as a FTM working on the NSSMS Systems. In the late 1980's, reported aboard USS Missouri BB-63 and served 4 years in Forward Main Battery plotting room. After service there in the early 1990's I reported to Shore duty at Long Beach Naval Station and was assigned to SIMA NRMF Long Beach, California repairing and refurbishing radars, Vulcan Phalanx, running fiber optic networks on-board ships pier side and other fire control maintenance duties. I departed the Navy at Port Hueneme in 1994 and began working for a defense contractor.

       From 1994 to 1998 I worked for a company in Materials science that went by the name Dynatup, originally a subsidiary of General Research Corporation (Now absorbed into AT&T) was sold to Instron Corporation of Canton,Massachusetts now Norwood,Massachusetts. They moved me To Canton, Massachusetts in 1996. I moved back to my home state of Arizona in 1998 and have worked in the IT field ever since. I currently work for a Native American Casino as a IT Director.