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Naval Aircrewman rating (AW) White Decal

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The example below is of a white sticker.

Naval Aircrewman (AW) Rating Badge / Insignia Sticker Size: 5.000” x 2.125” Naval Aircrewman (AW) The Aircrew Program is a six-year enlistment program guaranteeing initial assignment as a flight crewmember in a fixed wing, helicopter or Unmanned Aerial System squadron. The program provides for training via various Class "A" Schools for a specific service rating within the Naval Aircrewman (AW) general rating. Candidates will undergo some of the most demanding physical training offered by the military service in this program. Candidates must volunteer for flying duty, be capable of passing a Class II swim test, and pass an aviation flight physical. Entrance physical examination will be verified for flight qualifications at Recruit Training Command and Naval Aircrewman Candidate School (NACCS).