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Minemen rating (MN) Black Decal

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Mineman (MN) Rating Badge / Insignia Sticker Size: 4.000” x 3.093” Minemen (MN) are experts in all aspects of tactical and operational Mine Warfare, including mining and mine countermeasures operations. They perform tactical and operational mine warfare planning, coordination, and execution; plan tactical employment of airborne and underwater mine countermeasure systems; perform, manage, and supervise organizational and intermediate maintenance on service mine systems, exercise and training mine systems, and underwater targets; operate surface mine countermeasures systems, mine warfare tactical decision aids, and environmental sensor systems; coordinate and supervise minesweeper operations and deck seamanship evolutions such as navigation, fueling, replenishment at sea, search and rescue, towing, anchoring, mooring, and small boat navigation; perform and manage organizational and intermediate maintenance of small arms, magazine sprinkler systems, and small boats; and train, qualify, direct, and supervise personnel in the handling and stowing of ordnance, and the operation and maintenance of small arms and crew-served weapons.