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Mass Communication Specialist rating (MC) White Decal

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The example below is of a white sticker.

Mass Communication Specialist (MC) Rating Badge / Insignia Sticker Size: 4.001” x 2.044” Mass Communication Specialists (MC) write Navy news releases and feature articles from personal interviews, examination of messages, and witnessing of events; take news and feature photographs and develop photo stories with associated Visual Information Record Identification Number (VIRINS), captions, and pertinent historical data; understand the Navy Public Affairs mission for the acquisition, processing, and marketing of all internal and external information products through web sites, news releases and internal information products; acquire, transmit, and print electronic imagery; operate high-speed copiers and digital duplicators; understand imagery and equipment lifecycle management and archival requirements; prepare and lay out Navy information products, including web sites, newspapers, and command information brochures using desktop publishing systems; provide still and video documentation of Navy and joint operational events; provide visual documentation of combat, combat-support operations, and related peacetime training activities; prepare material for broadcast use; serve on the staff of Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) detachments; operate and schedule command internal information and programming for Shipboard Information, Training, and Entertainment (SITE) systems; troubleshoot mechanical and digital reprographic and photographic equipment; perform color management; supervise shipboard and Sea Operations (SEAOP) detachments in support of the Navy Public Affairs mission; serve on combat camera deployable teams; research, develop, and write speeches using Navy talking points and messages; fulfill duties of senior enlisted advisor for public affairs on select Fleet, Numbered Fleet, Type Commander (TYCOM) staffs, aircraft carriers, and large-deck amphibious ships; implement public affairs guidance and messages from higher public affairs authority; and serve as independent duty Public Affairs Officers (PAO) at small commands.