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Information System Technician (IT) / Depreciated - Radioman (RM) Rating Badge / Insignia Sticker Size: 4.000” x 2.186” Information System Technicians (IT) Information System Technicians perform core and specialty functions of communications operations, message processing, and network administration and security; establish, monitor, and maintain Radio Frequency (RF) communications systems; perform spectrum management within an area of responsibility; handle, store, and retrieve incoming and outgoing messages; perform network system administration, maintenance and training; manage, plan and coordinate unit-level information systems security and integration across platforms, fleets, and services; and ensure the proper security, distribution, handling, accounting, reporting, and control of Communications Security (COMSEC) materials, systems, and equipment. (Depreciated) Radioman (RM) are responsible for transmitting and receiving radio signals, and processing all forms of telecommunications through various transmission media aboard ships, aircraft and at shore facilities.