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Hospital Corpsmen First Class (HM1) White with Gold Stripes Decal

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E-6 - 4" Wide by 6.2" High

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is White and Gold Stripes:

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is Black and Red Stripes:

Hospital Corpsmen First Class (HM1)(abbreviated as AG) is a United States Navy occupational rating.

Hospital Corpsmen (HM) assist in the prevention and treatment of disease, disability, and injury using first aid and preventive medicine procedures; assist in the prevention and treatment of dental conditions; assist with physical examinations; provide patient care and assist in the administration of medicinal and parenteral solutions; perform general laboratory, pharmacy, and other patient support services; assist in the administrative supply and accounting procedures within medical departments ashore, afloat, Marine Corps, and with Joint Services; instruct medical and non-medical personnel in first aid, self-aid, personal hygiene, and medical records maintenance; assist in the transportation of the sick and injured; and provide assistance in the maintenance of environmental and occupational health standards and in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) casualties and other contingencies. Senior Hospital Corpsmen perform supervisory, technical, planning, and management functions in support of medical readiness and quality healthcare delivery. In addition to their general assignments, Hospital Corpsmen, trained as technicians, perform specialized functions within the operational forces, clinical specialties, and administrative departments and may be assigned independent of a Medical Officer.