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Aviation Electronics Technician Chief (ATC) White with Red Stripes Decal

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E-7 - 4" Wide by 6.2" High

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is White and Gold Stripes:

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is Black and Red Stripes:

Aviation Electronics Technician Chief (ATC)(abbreviated as AG) is a United States Navy occupational rating.

Aviation Electronics Technicians (AT) if intermediate, perform intermediate level maintenance on aviation electronic components supported by conventional and automatic test equipment, including repair of Weapons Replaceable Assemblies (WRA), and Shop Replaceable Assemblies (SRA), and perform test equipment qualification and associated test bench maintenance. If organizational, perform organizational level maintenance on aviation electronics systems, to include: communications, radar, navigation, antisubmarine warfare sensors, electronic warfare, data link, fire control, and tactical displays with associated equipment.