Navy Diver (ND) Rating Badge / Insignia

Navy Diver (ND)

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Navy Diver (ND) Rating Badge / Insignia

Sticker Size: 2.835” x 4.000”

Navy Divers (ND) perform underwater salvage, recovery, repair, and maintenance on ships and submarines; search for and recover downed aircraft; conduct harbor clearance operations; provide assistance to military, federal, state, and local civilian law enforcement agencies in diving operations and procedures; maintain and repair diving equipment and systems; research and develop new diving techniques and procedures; conduct submarine rescue operations; maintain forms, records, correspondence, and files; and perform and supervise recompression chamber operations, hyperbaric treatment for diving and non-diving illnesses, open and closed-circuit Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA) diving, surface-supplied air and mixed-gas diving operations, demolition operations, and small arms proficiency.

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