Molder (ML)

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Sticker Sizes
E-4 - 4" Wide by 5" High
E-5 - 4" Wide by 5.4" High
E-6 - 4" Wide by 6.2" High
E-7 - 4" Wide by 6.2" High
E-8\E-9 - 4" Wide by 8.25" High

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is White and Gold Stripes:

The example below is of where Crow, Rating, and Outline, is Black and Red Stripes:

Molder (ML) Performs metallurgical and casting design practices. Calculates, sketches, designs, and constructs gating and risering systems in accordance with American Foundryman's Society procedures using pattern shop equipment. Operates sand test equipment to include: testing permeability of sand cores, sieve analysis, universal sand strength with permeability of sand cores, universal sand strength machine with collapsibility, and tensile core strength accessories. Uses mold manipulation techniques and operates a overhead crane to pour large ferrous and non-ferrous castings.